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Body Harmony



‘Body Harmony is a non-invasive form of physical therapy that utilises intention and movement. It invites your body to reconnect with its innate wisdom, and with the unique pathway it wants to follow to unwind…’

As your body unwinds, it re-establishes a fluid, easy posture that naturally supports your wellbeing. It is effective for relieving a wide range of symptoms including:

  • stress
  • tension
  • anxiety
  • back problems
  • neck ache
  • chronic pain
  • trauma
  • sports injuries
  • spasms
  • stiffness
  • digestive disorders
  • general discomfort
  • headaches
  • low energy and exhaustion


You can discover more about Body Harmony here.

I’m also certified in Biodynamic Massage and have worked with people’s physical and emotional problems for over 30 years. I’m the author of two books: ‘The Relaxation Reflex’ and ‘The Dynamics of Wellbeing’.

In spite of considerable training and experience, I always endeavour to arrive at a session with no preconceptions, prejudice or plans. Something always wants to happen. It is my job to let it. The body constantly seeks to heal itself, to free itself of compression, to feel good. It just needs the right kind of support. And it is my role to meet the body in such a way that it yields its promise.

I can do one-off sessions and sometimes things get ‘fixed’ very quickly, but what I am more interested in is Long Term Wellbeing. The bodywork I practice has a cumulative effect. As layer by layer of frozen tissues are melted, a more fluid response to life develops. You experience a better posture, a greater ease of movement, a wider range of feeling, and more space and contentment within the tissues themselves. A commitment to regular sessions allows the possibility of the unravelling of deeply held trauma, injury, pain, and an assimilation of undigested life experiences. It is a feeling journey into Long-Term Wellbeing.


My career began at the Boyesen Institute, London, in 1985, where I studied Biodynamic Psychology and Massage, learning the theory and practice of what were at the time revolutionary bodywork techniques. Later, I studied at the Chiron centre for body psychotherapy, where I deepened my understanding of the body/mind relationship – learning about the importance of grounding and boundaries.

My next important influence was Cranio-Sacral Therapy, which enabled me to develop the ability to feel and recognize the deeper pulsations and flows that occur within the body, most notably the rhythmic movement of cerebrospinal fluid as it travels up the spine, infusing the brain and then receding.

I explored a wide variety of yogas, therapeutic exercise and expressive dance. These led me to Continuum Movement, which was a revelation. It enabled me to experience physically all the theories I had learned about the bodymind and its fluid pathways. Before Continuum, my hands had often felt the pulses and waves and spirals of life moving within the tissues, but now I could also feel the deep wisdom in my body unwinding itself in constantly surprising and enjoyable movement.

Finally, I discovered Body Harmony, which is not so much a technique as a way of listening to the wisdom of the body. My extensive training in this technique has brought all the previous practices together for me. When I have bodywork I go to a Body Harmony practitioner. Robin is a member of the Body Harmony Association.​

“Robin is a wizard”

Charlotte Twiddy, DJ

​”He worked wonders with my chronic back pain”

James Saunders, Interior Designer

​”Robin always makes me feel more human – more me”

Max Erde, Property Developer

​”Robin is an intuitive body worker who can understand and deliver exactly what is needed. His treatments always succeed in bringing about a positive change”

Danny Banks, Teacher

​”I’ve been coming to Robin for over 5 years and each time I come away having discovered more about myself. He’s taught me to listen to my body and helped me align with my goals”

Sophie Barker, Actress


I charge £60 for a one-hour session. I also offer a visiting service, which costs £80. If you are genuinely short of money, I will reduce my fee accordingly.